• The Auggie dog is an Aussie mix between the Australian Shepherd and Corgi and is known for a variety of names, such as the Australian Shepherd, Pembroke Welsh Corgi mix, Aussie Corgi. Also known as the Aussie-Corgi, they are about 10 in-13 in tall with a broad and a round-shaped head that has a tapered muzzle. They weigh around 20-30 lb. Their eyes are round shaped like a corgi or even in the shape of an almond the Australian Shepherd. They often have tricolor or two colors which are mostly a combination of black and brown, or even tan, black and white. These adorable and friendly dog breeds have a friendly, energetic aura around them. The corgi temperament is also known to be stranger-friendly. However, they do not like being alone and prefer company most of the time. Despite being a designer dog, these dog breeds have the intelligence and herding instinct of the Australian Shepherd and the playfulness and friendliness of the Corgi.

    Auggie - Female

    • Breed: Auggie (Aussie-Corgi)

      Gender: Female 

      Color:  Blue Merle

      Birth Date: 4-10-22