• The Beagle is considered to be one of the most happy-go-lucky, nonchalant breeds in the field. Their disposition is that of a humorous nature. This forward pup originated in the early 1800s in England, where their original purpose was to trail and hunt rabbits. True to form, they are happiest when they are able to follow their own nose, which can often lead them into trouble. They belong to the group of dogs known as scenthounds. They are a solid, muscular breed of a convenient size. Known for their floppy ears and adorable expression, they have a short and smooth coat, making maintaining the fur relatively easy. All you have to do to keep this pup looking sharp is brush them weekly with a rubber curry brush and they are all set to go.

    Beagle Female

    • Breed: Beagle

      Gender:  Female

      Color: Tri-Color

      Birth Date: 11-28-21