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    Diverged from the King Charles Spaniel in the 1920s, all modern Cavalier King Charles Spaniels descend from six dogs that survived World War II.  Their deeper roots lie in Spaniels of the 1600s that were cross-bred with Pugs for their favored short-nosed faces. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a toy dog with smooth long wavy hair that comes in one of four color patterns: chestnut brown and white (Blenheim); black, white, and tan (Prince Charles); black and tan (King Charles); and chestnut (Ruby). They can be distinguished from the King Charles Spaniel by their domed skulls, slightly larger stature, higher set ears, and longer muzzles. As Spaniels, they come from a line of hunters, but they are now companion dogs, sometimes even called "comforter spaniels” because of their companionate nature. They are friendly, affectionate, people-oriented, and good with children and other dogs of any size, but because they are so people-oriented, they require a lot of human social interaction, and should not be regularly left alone. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is eager to please, but of only average intelligence. They are too friendly to be good guard dogs, and enjoy chasing birds, small animals, and cars. They should be regularly brushed, but never trimmed.

    Cavalier King - Male $1,430

    • Breed: Cavalier King

      Gender: Male

      Color: Red/white

      Birth Date: 1-21-21