• The very smallest breed of dog in the whole world, the tiny Chihuahua is named after the state of Chihuahua in Mexico. Folklore and archaeology both indicate that these mini pups originated in Mexico; dog toys representing the breed have been found from Mexico to El Salvador, dating back to 100 AD. They can have long or short hair, with either “apple heads” (rounder heads, close-set eyes, and shorter legs) or “deer heads” (flatter heads, wider-set eyes, larger ears and longer legs). Apple headed Chihuahuas are currently more popular. They come in all colors and patterns; in the case of this spritely pup, the color definitely does not make the dog. Their purpose is simply to be a companion, though if not carefully trained, they can decide for themselves to take on the role of guard dog and protector. They are sassy, loyal, and protective, and can have a hair-trigger tendency to snap, which makes them poor pets for small children. They are adamantly owner-oriented, preferring their own individual person over the rest of the family, and prefer to live with other Chihuahuas rather than dogs of other breeds.


    Chihuahua Blue Merle - Male

    • Breed: Chihuahua

      Birth Date: 3-5-22

      Gender: Male

      Color: Blue Merle