• The Bulldog is quite the opposite of his appearance; while they can look quite fierce and threatening, they are the complete opposite. These dogs have a gentle, friendly nature, adore their human family, and have a dose of mischievous stubbornness. Above all, they are loyal to their family. They are highly spirited as a puppy but grow into a calm adult. They are fond of children and very tolerant; if they have had enough, they will just get up and move away. They also get along well with other animals and are one of the easiest natured dogs to bring into a mixed household. They can be a bit on the lazy side as they mature, preferring to sit at your side and watch the action. They will join in the games with the kids but not for long; you will soon have them back at your side snoozing in the sun. They do overheat easily and need a cool retreat in summer. The Bulldog does drool and snore and they can have health issues because of their short nose, but they are devoted funny loveable dogs.


    English Bulldog - Female

    • Breed: English Bulldog

      Gender: Female

      Color: Red & White

      DOB: 12-9-21