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  • The Miniature American Shepherd resembles a small Australian Shepherd. True herders in spite of their compact size, Minis are bright, self-motivated workers and endearingly loyal and lively companion dogs who have an affinity for horses.


    The Miniature American Shepherd is a small size herding dog that originated in the United States. He is slightly longer than tall with bone that is moderate and in proportion to body size and height without extremes. Movement is smooth, easy, and balanced. Exceptional agility combined with strength and stamina allows for working over a variety of terrain. This highly versatile, energetic dog makes an excellent athlete with superior intelligence and a willingness to please those to whom he is devoted. He is both a loyal companion and a biddable worker, which is evident in his watchful expression. The double coat of medium length and coarseness may be solid in color or merled, with or without white and/or tan (copper) markings. He traditionally has a docked or natural bobtail.


    Mini Australian shepherd - Female

    • Breed: Mini Aussie

      Gender: Male

      Date Of Birth: 07 - 13 - 2023

      Color: Red White

      Location: Broward Store

    • Welcome to the captivating world of Red Australian Shepherds! If you're in search of Aussies puppies for sale near you, your quest stops here. The Mini Aussie, a downsized version of its larger counterpart, combines intelligence and agility in a compact frame. This breed is a versatile and energetic breed. With a keen herding instinct, Australian Shepherds puppies are not only highly trainable but also excel in various dog sports and activities. Renowned for their unwavering loyalty and friendly demeanor, they make excellent family companions. Their medium-sized build, expressive eyes, and distinctive bobbed tail add to their overall charm. Australian Shepherds thrive in environments where they can engage both physically and mentally, making them ideal for active households and those seeking a devoted, adaptable canine friend. Your journey to welcoming a loyal, intelligent, and uniquely charming puppy begins right here.

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