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  • An ancient Japanese breed, the Shiba Inu is a little but well-muscled dog once employed as a hunter. Today, the spirited, good-natured Shiba is the most popular companion dog in Japan. The adaptable Shiba is at home in town or country.


    The Shiba is the smallest of the Japanese native breeds of dog and was originally developed for hunting by sight and scent in the dense undergrowth of Japan’s mountainous areas. Alert and agile with keen senses, he is also an excellent watchdog and companion. His frame is compact with well-developed muscles. Males and females are distinctly different in appearance: males are masculine without coarseness, females are feminine without weakness of structure.

    Shiba Inu - Female

    • Breed: Shiba Inu

      Gender: Female

      Birth Date: 10-4-21

      Color: Red

    • This sweet Shiba Inu puppy is ready to join your loving home! It has a beautiful and unique Red coat. With a Shiba Inu, you get an intelligent, loyal, and independent companion that will bring joy and laughter to your home. Our exclusive Shiba Inu will bring you years of pleasure and companionship. Now is the time to act! Buy this Shiba Inu puppy today and start the journey of a lifetime. Hurry and take advantage of this exclusive offer now as there are only a few Shiba Inu puppies for sale near you!

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