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  • Am Bulldog, Old Country


    Bulldog Muscular, athletic, and undeniably powerful, the American Bulldog may be an intimidating looking breed, but they have a heart of gold and a huge penchant for playtime.  Although confused with the often-vilified American Pit Bull Terrier, the American Bulldog is a different breed entirely and like the breed that shares some of its namesake, have a variety of characteristics that make them not only great working dogs, but excellent family dogs. Despite their tough-looking exterior, they are actually highly-emotional dogs that are sensitive to their surroundings, which is one reason they make exceptionally good family dogs, especially those with children, whom they love to romp and play with yet can sense the mood of the room if they make a mistake. They are a gentle, affectionate breed with a high level of overall confidence, a combination that often translates into loyalty, obedience and a strong protective nature. Because of these characteristics, they can be shy towards strangers and even other dogs, so training early on will help to ensure they make good company in all social circles. They are also a high energy breed and generally do best with an open yard to run and frequent exercise, but are able to adapt to apartment living as long as their owners have an active lifestyle they're able to join in on.


    American Bulldog

    • Breed:American Bulldog

      Gender: Male

      Color: White and Brown

      DOB : 12-29-21


    • Welcome your family's newest addition - an adorable American Bulldog puppy! This little pup has soft white and brown fur and bright eyes, and will bring tons of love, joy, and memories to your home. It's full of energy and loves to spend time playing outdoors. If you're looking for a loyal, loving pup, it's the one for you! We guarantee that it will be a wonderful addition to your family. It's ready for sale now, so don't wait - get it today! Shop now and treat your family to an American Bulldog puppy and watch your life blossom!

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