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  • The breeds that make up the Bernedoodle are the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Standard Poodle, but sometimes a Miniature Poodle is used to produce a smaller dog. The aim of this cross is to get a Bernese Mountain Dog type with the enchanting natures of both, that doesn’t shed or drool so much and lives longer.



    Bernedoodle - Female- Brown and White

    • Breed: Mini Bernedoodle

      Gender: Female 

      Birth Date: 02 - 15 - 2023

      Color: Brown and White

      Location Broward Store

    • Introducing the most adorable mini Bernedoodle around! This beautiful puppy is full of fun and love, ready to find a loving home. 
      It has striking brown and white markings combined with white and tan points. It's sure to turn heads with its shiny and silky coat, ready to be groomed and pampered forever. 

      At EpicPuppies, we strive to source the happiest and healthiest Bernedoodle puppies for sale. We guarantee that this breed's intelligence, sociability, and trainability, making them an ideal family companion. We also provide all the essential information you need to ensure your new puppy lives a long and healthy life. 

      Make your days brighter with this lovingly playful mini Bernedoodle! Don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity – contact us at EpicPuppies today!

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