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  • Cocker Spaniels were originally included in the rest of the Spaniels as bird and gun dogs. Though bred to hunt, these dogs gained popularity as show and companion dogs over the centuries because of their sweet and soulful look, luxurious coats, and happy-go-lucky personalities.

    These small, sturdy, and quick dogs can make great pets and canine competitors. They’re athletic but ideal in size to adapt to small homes and apartments. Cockers do have some high-maintenance needs, however, including a desire to be around their own and a lot of grooming requirements.

    If you want to bring a Cocker Spaniel home, find out more about these dogs and what to expect from the breed.

    Cocker Spaniel - Chocolate Merle- Female

    • Breed: Cocker Spaniel

      Gender: Female

      Color: BChocolate Merle

      Birth Date:  2/25/2024

    • The English cocker dog is an animal with character. Stubborn and often dominant, they are dogs that will need patient and firm education, never violent, to avoid behavioral problems that can lead to aggression towards other animals or even people. For this reason, it is not a highly recommended breed for people without previous experience in handling dogs.

      They are so intelligent that they can learn without difficulty if we give them time. Its dynamism and liveliness also stands out. Success in coexistence depends on their socialization and education. A well-educated and cared for cocker can be an excellent companion for children and perfectly accept the presence of other animals in the home. In any case, there will be notable differences in character between specimens.

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