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  • The dignified Dalmatian, dogdom's citizen of the world, is famed for his spotted coat and unique job description. During their long history, these "coach dogs" have accompanied the horse-drawn rigs of nobles, gypsies, and firefighters. The Dalmatian's delightful, eye-catching spots of black or liver adorn one of the most distinctive coats in the animal kingdom. Beneath the spots is a graceful, elegantly proportioned trotting dog standing between 19 and 23 inches at the shoulder. Dals are muscular, built to go the distance; the powerful hindquarters provide the drive behind the smooth, effortless gait. The Dal was originally bred to guard horses and coaches, and some of the old protective instinct remains.


    Dalmatian - White & Black - Male

    • Breed: Dalmatian

      Gender: Male

      Color: White & Black

      Birth Date: 04 - 28 - 2023

      Location: Broward Store

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