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  • Known by many different names, the Maltese was originally thought to have come from the islands of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea.  They were loved by all, from the Greeks to the Egyptians and were used in art as well as being a “comforter” to the sick. Being one of the earliest lap dogs in history, it is no surprise that the Maltese has remained a favorite companion through the years. They have a playful personality and are both trusting and affectionate. Their signature coat, which in show dogs is allowed to grow all the way out to the floor, used to be produced in a number of different colors, but is now always white. The Maltese has dark, intelligent eyes and a white mustache that needs to be cleaned often in order to prevent staining from food and tears. Although these little dogs are great with older children and pets, they can become intimidated and grouchy towards younger children. It is best to be sure that the Maltese is well socialized when they are young so that, when they age, they have that pleasant and gentle-mannered personality that everyone loves.


    Maltese Female

    • Breed: Maltese

      Gender: Female

      Color: White

      Birth Date: 11-28-21

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