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  • The Miniature American Shepherd resembles a small Australian Shepherd. True herders in spite of their compact size, Minis are bright, self-motivated workers and endearingly loyal and lively companion dogs who have an affinity for horses.


    The Miniature American Shepherd is a small size herding dog that originated in the United States. He is slightly longer than tall with bone that is moderate and in proportion to body size and height without extremes. Movement is smooth, easy, and balanced. Exceptional agility combined with strength and stamina allows for working over a variety of terrain. This highly versatile, energetic dog makes an excellent athlete with superior intelligence and a willingness to please those to whom he is devoted. He is both a loyal companion and a biddable worker, which is evident in his watchful expression. The double coat of medium length and coarseness may be solid in color or merled, with or without white and/or tan (copper) markings. He traditionally has a docked or natural bobtail.


    Mini Australian shepherd - male

    • Breed: Mini Aussie

      Gender: Male

      Date Of Birth: 04 - 04 - 2023

      Color: Red Merle

      Location: Broward Store

    • Introducing the latest four-legged addition to your family! Meet our adorable Mini Aussie Red Merle. Red Merle is an adventurous and cheerful pup, looking forward to connecting with you and becoming your loyal companion. This foxy little chap loves to snuffle around and explore his surroundings. It will fit right into your home with his friendly and vivacious nature.

      With his exuberant personality, loving temperament, and beautiful coloring, Red Merle is truly the perfect pup for you. Don't miss out on the chance to give this spunky Mini Aussie the perfect fit—join the lucky owners of our mini aussie puppies for sale and take home Red Merle today!

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