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  • Schnauzers come in three sizes (Giant, Standard, and Miniature) and were initially bred to  catch rats and other pests outdoors. Today, Schnauzers thrive on human companionship and are extremely intelligent and naturally obedient, making them easy to train. Schnauzers are proud and independent dogs, and are loving towards their owners. They make wonderful watch dogs and are highly energetic. 


    Miniature Schnauzer - Male

    • Breed: Miniature Schnauzer

      Gender: Male

      Color: CHOCOLATE

      Birth Date: 12-20-21


    • Welcome the newest member of your family with this lovable, chocolate Miniature Schnauzer puppy! With the perfect amount of energy and curiosity, this little pup is sure to bring lots of joy and laughter into your home. Each Miniature Schnauzer is bred for consistency in size and temperament, and represents the highest standards of this popular breed. With his friendly smiles and amusing antics, it will easily steal your heart! Get it now while you still can - it won't be available for long as Miniature Schnauzers are among the most popular puppies for sale near you. What are you waiting for? Give it a loving home today and make memories together that will last a lifetime!

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