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  • The Morkie is a cross between a Maltese and a Yorkshire Terrier. Both parent breeds are  known for having a lot of personality, so it doesn’t come as a  surprise  that the Morkie does  as well! Morkies are inherently happy, loyal and strive to please their owners. They love to play and exercise, and are confident around other pets and strangers. As  long as they have a lap  to sit on, they do equally well in apartments or larger living spaces. 

    Morkie (Maltese x Yorkie) - Male

    • Breed: Morkie

      Gender:  Male

      Color: White & Cream

      DOB: 2-11-22

    • This precious white Morkie puppy is the perfect addition for any family! It looks like a fluffy white bundle of joy with her creamy highlights! It is the perfect fit for anyone looking for a playful pup. It is sure to turn heads and will add extra joy into your life. 

      It loves to play, go for walks, and snuggle up with it humans. Its Morkie breed is a fun-loving cross between a Yorkie and Maltese, giving it gentle but energetic disposition. Look no further for the best Morkie puppies for sale near you. You won't find one more affectionate and cuddly than this little white Morkie! Take it home and add lots of love to your family today!

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