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  • An adorable crossbreed of a Pomsky and a Siberian Husky, the Pomsky is a pint-sized ball of love with the energy to keep up with even the most active families. Sweet, silly, and well-suited to apartment-living, the Pomsky is a tiny dog with a personality that is larger than life.

    Pomskys need to be the center of attention but their adorable looks and playful antics, typically ensure they get all of the love and attention they crave. As the offspring of a Siberian Husky, Pomskys are high-spirited and possess seemingly endless stores of energy.


    • Breed: Pomsky

      Gender: Female 

      Color: Brown/white

      Birth Date: 02-18-2021

    • This beautiful Pomsky pup is sure to bring joy and life to any home. He is a Pomsky with the perfect mix of brown and white colors. He is full of energy and love and is looking for a loving family. With its outgoing personality and intelligence, he is sure to be a valuable addition to any home. Don't miss this opportunity to bring a loyal and loving pup into your life.
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