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    Shih Tzu dogs have been a part of Chinese culture since the Tang dynasty, serving as both companions to royalty as well as watchdogs, alerting their owners to strangers in the area. Bred to be companions, they are a friendly and vivacious breed who can easily get enough exercise even in small spaces. They are generally companionable to both people and animals. Care should be taken during interactions with others that they do not fall victim to rough treatment, particularly when they are still growing.


    Shih Tzu - Female

    • Breed: Shih Tzu

      Gender: Female

      Color: GOLD & WHITE

      Birth Date: 08 - 13 - 2022

      Location: Miami Store

    • This beautiful Shih Tzu puppy is the perfect addition to any family! It's a gold & white Shih Tzu with the classic fluffy coat, but more than that, it's sure to bring lots of love and companionship to your household! It is a bright and lively pup with energy to spare, so let it fill your days with joy and laughter. If you’re looking for sale a lively and loving Shih Tzu, it’s the one you need! Hurry and make it part of your family today!

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