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  • Poltalloch Terrier, White Roseneath Terrier, Roseneath Terrier, Westie/Westy


    West Highland White Terriers are adorable dogs that are small but sturdy. They were originally bred to hunt small prey, like otter, badger and fox, and still enjoy field and earth dog trials today. They are also good at agility, tracking and obedience, but can be difficult to train. This is not because they aren’t smart, as they are in fact very intelligent, but because they are stubborn. They are tough dogs but are at risk to many diseases. They love their family and will enjoy getting attention from anyone, but are a bit more active than your typical lapdog. They will enjoy having a home with a nice fenced in yard, but can adapt well to any house, as long as they get enough exercise outside of home.


    West Highland WhiteTerrier - Male

    • Status: Available

      Breed:West Highland White terrier

      Gender: Male

      Color: White

      Birth Date: 03 - 14 - 2023

      Location: Tropical Park Store

    • Welcome to Epic Puppies – home of the charming and delightful West Highland White Terrier. This spunky pup is ready for loving home and yours could be it. It has all the great qualities that make West Highland White Terriers a favorite: intelligence, loyalty, and a great sense of humor. It is a born fun-loving companion who will no doubt brighten up any day. It will bring delight and joy and will make a wonderful addition to your family. It’s looking for his forever home. Act now before it’s gone and take advantage of our unbeatable West Highland White Terrier price. Contact us  and find  a West Highland White Terrier for sale  and make this unforgettable puppy yours!

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